Model & Detailing Management Module


Update System Tool

Update System Tool is a software that allows a quick update of the model. This tool records every step of the process and performs frequent updates, which will monitor the technical aspect of the project. This parametric is beneficial for Engineers, Fabricators, and all other members participating in the project. It renders information, such as parts that are retained as well as the parts that require a special finish. In addition, detailed reports can be collected.

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Update System_Monitor

Model Check Tool

This software was developed during the recession. It was important for us to create a program that would allow us to check the model in a simple and concise manner. In addition, it allows the verification of the model rapidly. The addition of a color code to identify the progress of the project was essential in order to see the evolution of the project. Our ultimate goal was to prevent errors before the designing stage while having the ability to identify errors to ensure they are subsequently corrected.

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Drawing Control Tool

Recently created, this software was created in order to manage 2D drawings electronically without difficulty. It allows for the drawings to be quickly transmitted internally without complications from one user to another. Its archiving system represents one of the strengths of this software since it is able to recover 3D drawings quickly and efficiently. In addition, this software works very well independently, and it is just as powerful when combined with other parametrics.

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Shop Drawing Control_Monitor

Drawing Log

This software was created in order to generate and control all Transmittal. Whether the Submitted for approval, the Issued for shop or the submittal for the Field, all drawings can be controlled by this plugin. It is possible to generate the CNC files, Kiss, Plot files, Bolts Summary, Gather sheet, Erection Sheet and even could generate drawings numbers automatically via an integrated setup.

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Find Tool

Find Tool software was created in 2009 and is one of the first parametrics established. This program was created to help you recover the data you need, without wasting time to search. This tool allows you to find information of the different members and print the current reports. Furthermore, it is useful to perform updates of data files.

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Live Progress Tool

Live Progress Tool will allow you to view the progress of your projects. It will analyze your project and then give you a detailed progress report. This software is essential for project managers. This tool distinguishes itself from others by providing a summary of the parts indicating which parts are completed or need to be completed and which parts need to be drawn. Moreover, it also shows the characteristics of each part such as the quantity, weight and size. This program is only functional when used with the Update System Tools parametric.

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