SDS/2 Drafting offers detailers the ability to utilize only the 2D drawing portion of SDS/2 Detailing. It works exactly like SDS/2 Detailing when it comes to shop drawing creation and report generation, along with viewing the 3D model and any statuses assigned to it. With the SDS/2 Drafting product, users can only view the model or set status — no other changes may be made within the 3D model. New views, detail sheets, erection views, and submaterial sheets can all be created with SDS/2 Drafting.

This module helps companies maximize the use of SDS/2 software solutions. Detailers or checkers can use SDS/2 Drafting to detail the model once it has been created. Many reports, including ABMs, material cut lists, and bolt lists can be created from SDS/2 Drafting. Essentially, it allows companies with multiple SDS/2 licenses to increase their efficiency at a lower cost.

Rather than providing a less functional product as a light version, SDS/2 Drafting helps users work at the highest level of efficiency while lowering the investment needed to get more detailers working together on the same model.