SDS/2 Engineering combines connection design with 3D frame analysis and member design, all neatly packaged for use as an accurate BIM model. No other engineering product can offer the model accuracy and time savings of SDS/2 Engineering.

Unlike other frame analysis products, SDS/2 Engineering creates a model that is accurate to manufacturing standards, with correct top-of-steel elevations and work point locations — enabling connections to be automatically designed while considering both fit-up and constructability. Another feature unique to SDS/2 Engineering is the ability to calculate transfer forces while designing the structure — translating to safer connections and safer structures.

Continuous changes are a staple of almost every project. SDS/2 Engineering handles these changes quickly, completely and with ease. In any change, such as layouts, member sizes, or loads, SDS/2 Engineering will reanalyze the frame, resize members, and redesign connections automatically.

As the number of engineering firms that include shop drawings as a part of their deliverables grow, SDS/2 Engineering will become increasingly valuable as an engineering tool. It shares the same 3D database with all other SDS/2 software solutions, providing a seamless bi-directional transfer of information. Engineers can use SDS/2 Engineering to analyze a model created by any SDS/2 software, or detailers can use SDS/2 Detailing to create shop drawings directly from the model created with SDS/2 Engineering. Either way, time and expense are saved and the probability of errors is significantly reduced. At any time, users can export their model to or import a model from their collaborative BIM product of choice.

Together, SDS/2 software solutions connect contractors, engineers, detailers, fabricators and erectors in a collaborative work process.