SDS/2 Mobile From the field to the office, Design Data offers an innovative solution that simplifies the communication of Building Information Model (BIM) status information. Now anyone can send updates on the status of the steel in any SDS/2 project directly from your mobile phone.

You can generate project information from the SDS/2 model that will open on any Android phone or tablet using SDS/2 Mobile Status. Once that information is available, send the file to your shop foreman, job site manager, or even the approving engineer for the project, who can all open the job information with the free SDS/2 Mobile Status app.

SDS/2 Mobile Status allows users to update information by input or barcode scans, and includes information like approval, fabrication, shipping and erection statuses from individual members to entire sequences or even the whole project. Whether you generate daily updates or hourly updates, you have the power to keep model status information as current as possible, with a simple file update instead of manual input.

With this mobile application, it's possible to send a quick update from the field to the office and view each day's progress for anything from submittals and approvals to shipping information and daily construction progress. SDS/2 Mobile Status application expands the reach and power of the information stored within the BIM.