SDS/2 Modeling provides detailers and designers with the ability to utilize only the 3D modeling portion of SDS/2 Detailing. SDS/2 Modeling works exactly like the SDS/2 Detailing software when it comes to 3D model creation and connection design, along with various reporting and status capabilities. In SDS/2 Modeling, users may view and add notes to any details or 2D drawings, but cannot generate new drawings or make any changes.

SDS/2 Modeling helps companies maximize the use of SDS/2 software solutions. Model builders can use SDS/2 Modeling to create the model — which can then be either imported back into SDS/2 Engineering for analysis or taken to SDS/2 Drafting to be detailed. Essentially, it allows companies with multiple SDS/2 licenses to increase efficiency at a lower cost.

Rather than providing a less functional product as a light version, Design Data helps users to work at the highest level of efficiency. SDS/2 Modeling encompasses the 3D portion of SDS/2 Detailing and lowers the investment to get more detailers and model-builders working together on the same model.