We at Magnus are committed to our customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, the online Forums are provided so that users of SDS/2 can share information and communicate with other users on a daily basis. We believe that the Forums are indispensable tools allowing users to demonstrate their knowledge or benefit from the expertise and experience of other more knowledgeable users. The online Forums can be found on Facebook and Design Data’s own online Forum.


Parametrics(macros)/Custom Reports

Magnus has and continues to create Parametrics in order to streamline commonly used functions and increase the user’s production. Magnus also has and continues to create Reports to extract required information from the Model. These Parametrics and Reports are available upon request to all current users. Magnus provides training for users that are interested in creating their own customized Parametrics and Reports.

Plug-ins, Advanced Selection and Custom Properties

Please contact us for more information regarding these and other tools to help improve your knowledge and increase your productivity with SDS/2.