Our experienced team is dedicated in offering our customers unsurpassed service that will exceed all your requirements. In order for your company to get the utmost from SDS/2, it is imperative that your detailers be able to operate the software as if it is second nature to them. At Magnus we offer three types of training, in both official languages (English and French). Pursuing the courses will turn a novice into an expert. First off is basic training, this course is aimed at users new to SDS/2. The course entails how to use this cutting edge software from A to Z. Advanced training is also available for users who have been using the software for more than 8 months. This training course will delve into the more complicated aspects of the software, such as programming macros, creating custom reports, etc. Custom training is tailored to a client’s specific needs in regards to the software and how it interconnects into their office and requirements.

All training sessions are given in-house at our training facility or on-site (upon special request) or on-line when possible.

For any educational institution wishing to incorporate SDS/2 into their curriculum, Magnus will provide at no charge the required number of licenses, training for the teachers as well as continual technical support. If you desire more information regarding the ED program, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.


New features are always being added to SDS/2 to improve its use and increase production. Magnus offers users of SDS/2 the opportunity to attend seminars that will explain and show the new and improved features of the latest version of the software. The seminars are offered on-line, and/or on-site at the Magnus Training Facility or users can attend one of the regional seminars. The seminars are offered in both official languages.


There are currently two regional SDS/2 User Groups in Canada (Quebec & Ontario). They are managed by users of SDS/2 and offer conferences on a multitude of subjects requested by other users. Generally both Groups in their respective provinces present Seminars once every two years.

Participate in the next seminar and declare yourself a winner!

Hotel Imperia opens its doors…

The Imperia Hotel opens its doors to our out-of-town trainees and clients with discounted hotel rates. Please contact the Imperia Hotel directly for more information.