SDS/2 Viewer allows the user to view and navigate through the 3D model and all 2D drawings. Easily downloaded from the SDS/2 Web site, anyone can use the viewer to get an overview of the project.

SDS/2 Viewer makes it easy for all project partners, from owners and architects to erectors in the field, to view the model — and all associated information — through color-coded status features. Users can search and view fabrication and erection sequences, approval progress, erection progress and many other options, with simple visual feedback all within the model.

Detail sheets, submaterial sheets and erection drawings are available in SDS/2 Viewer. As a means of communication, there is no better way to see how far along the steel in a project is than by using SDS/2 Viewer. It is a simple, free way to share your model with owners, architects or any other contractors who may need to view the model.